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Change of Heart

Up until last year, I hated running.  I was that girl in high school gym class who was always at the back of the pack.  Never did I think that I would ever run for fun.  Like EVER.

About 8 years ago, a close friend of mine from high school, who had always hated running as passionately as I did, started running.   When we got together and she’d tell me now how much she loved it, I’d be flabbergasted.  “WHY?”  Or more importantly, “How?!”

And then a few years ago, I met the Dude, who also ran for recreational purposes.  Huh.  In fact, he flew to San Francisco a couple weeks after we first started dating, just to run in the San Francisco marathon (he was doing the half…and he also when to see the Smashing Pumpkins).  I was amazed.  But still wary.

It wasn’t until I was approaching a milestone birthday that I decided to give it a try.  I wanted to find a way to get exercise consistently and conveniently because I work at a desk job.  I signed up for the Learn to Run clinic at the Running Room closest to me, and waited for the first day.  It wasn’t easy, but the way that the clinic works, is that it promotes the concept of intervals, so we started with 2 minutes of walking, and 1 minute of running.  My confidence built.  Then life got in the way with moving, but I picked it back up earlier this year.   I have to say, the way the Running Room structures their clinics works for someone like me.  I met lots of friendly and like-minded runners, and last month, ran my farthest distance of 14km using 10 and 1 intervals (10 mins running, 1 walking).  It wasn’t easy, but I did it.

I’ve already run three 5km races.  I was hoping to run my first 10km race this December, but I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago, and it’s still giving me twinges.  I’ll have to play it by ear.

Running isn’t for everyone.  I didn’t think it was for me.  And honestly, if I still had access to a gym (like I did when I lived in a condo), I don’t know if I would have stuck with it.  But now I’m really liking it.  I like how it gets me off my butt and outside, because I work in a cubicle all day.

So do I love it?  Heck no.  But I can now totally see why other people do.





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Fall Cleaning

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so one might suspect that there would be Turkey eating, pie eating, and general larking about.  Not so.  We, and many of our friends seemingly, spent a good part of the holiday cleaning and tidying up.  Sure, we met up in the evenings for dinner and some conversation, but it didn’t sound like many of us were able to really take advantage of the good weather and extra day off.

Having said that, the Dude and I decided that this would be the weekend we would start our fall and winter renovation project: the Master Walk-In closet.  The project is now well underway, with the first layer of paint on the ceiling.  Just one more coat, 2 coats on the walls, then we get the new fixtures!  Yay!  Before and after pictures to come!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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Sometime last year, I had decided that I wanted to do a Project 365, which is basically the action of taking a picture every day, and posting it online.  It didn’t really take.  I’d still like to be able to do one, but I found it a bit difficult to come up with that kind of creativity every day.  Since the Dude and I are planning our wedding for next year, perhaps this is a good time to start one again.  But I digress.

One of my proudest accomplishments from that inital set though, is what I’ll call the Disappearing Frog.  My lovely friend M was over in Europe, and picked up a frog made from marzipan for me from a well-known confectionary shop in Switzerland.  Over the next few days, I started to deconstruct the candy frog piece by piece, day by day, all the while documenting the process.  This is how it turned out.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

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This is a beautiful song.  The chorus always give chills.

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Nuit Blanche 2011

There’s something quite nice about being able to wander around a city in the dead of night, among crowds of other people. Nuit Blanche sign

Chances like that don’t happen often, which is why I like to take advantage of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche whenever I can.  A small group of us went out this year, sticking mainly around the Yonge Street areas.  We didn’t really have too much of a plan, and from experience, it didn’t really matter if you did.  It seems that this event has gotten so popular since it started a few years ago, that queuing was now expected at most of the bigger exhibits.  So we just wandered around, looking at whatever struck our fancy.

We saw the “Interactive Heart”, which was basically 4 giant flames which could be turned on and off by people seeing the exhibit.

One of the most fascinating that we came across was an exhibit on Yonge Street that was head shots of blowup dolls, with captions from people who have/own them.  It was interesting to read some of the reasons on why people have them, and how it is not necessarily because of sexual purposes.  If you’ve ever seen the movie “Lars and the Real Girl”, it totally gives you new perspective.  And it’s also a very sweet movie.

We also came across a guy dressed up in a very well made robot suit, who was dancing to the music from a DJ near by.  We wanted to see the robot do “The Robot”, but alas, it was not meant to be.

The last one we saw that night was for a mock arrest.  They had this portable set up and actors playing police officers.  You basically just stood around, and if you fit the profile (they changed profiles every x number of minutes) then they would “arrest” you.  Supposedly, they do the whole paperwork and everything!  Sadly, we did not get “arrested”.  Although, to be fair, we also didn’t hang around very long, as it was kind of cold by then.

So there you have it, our 2011 adventures at Nuit Blanche.  ‘Til next time…

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