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Just thought I’d mark today as the day that I start an attempt to knit a sweater.  For my Dad.

Really hope this turns out…I mean, I’ve been knitting for a few years now, so maybe I’m ready now?

Wish me luck.  And in case you’re curious, the pattern is the ‘Cobblestone’ from Jared Flood.

Pictures will come soon…


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Music Nostalgia

The Dude and I frequent local coffee shops quite a bit, and one of them in particular tends to play music that must be a 80’s and 90’s channel.  It reminded me of how often I used to listen to the radio, and how much I LOVED it.  I remember having my stereo set up with a tape ready in case a song I liked came on, in which case I would race to hit the ‘record’ button.  Ah technology.

You have to remember that the internet wasn’t full blown until I was in my later teen years, and in its early days, we didn’t have the same access to downloads or youtube for our favourite songs.

I’ve come to realize that as a result, I don’t get the same sense of emotional attachment to music like I used to.

Songs like this one from MatchBox Twenty remind me of my high school days:

or like this for my elementary school days:

How about you?  What songs take you back to your childhood?

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Well, we did it!  We booked our ‘Moon trip!

Neither of us are Vietnamese, but both became absolutely engrossed and fascinated in the Top Gear episode where the hosts headed to Vietnam for their epic race.  They went from Saigon, up to Hanoi (stopping at various spots) on motorbikes, while buying each other ridiculous presents and showcasing stunning views.

So far, we only have the tickets, but the Dude has been busily trying to put an itinerary together.  Yay!

Vietnam map


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Goodbye 2011…

What a difference a year can make.

I had always thought that my 20s were chock full self-discovery and life lessons.  After all, I finished school, moved out for the first time on my own, went full steam ahead at my first “grown-up” job at the Corporation, and got to travel how I wanted to travel for the first time.  I basically got to do what I wanted, when I wanted, however I wanted, and in the process, discovered things about myself I hadn’t realized was there.  I thought that it would be my most meaningful decade in growth.  I thought that by the end of it, my lessons would be mostly done, my eyes would be open, and everything after would be hues of the same thing, variations of the same themes, enhancements of the same feelings.  I hadn’t counted on my thirties to start with some game-changers.

I went to Vegas for my 30th birthday.  I was lucky enough to go with the Dude, and two very dear girlfriends.  We had a blast.  We went skydiving in the middle of the desert, and it was phenomenal.  Nothing says happy birthday like jumping out of a perfectly good plane.

Soon after that, the Dude and I moved in together.  And boy, that was an eye-opener.  Having only lived with either my parents or by myself, it was definitely a major transition.  In hindsight, it all seemed to happen rather quickly, even though neither of us took the decision to live together very lightly.  That first year was filled with some growing pains, from differing views on housekeeping to how to split up the holiday parental visits.  That first Christmas wasn’t a great one…mostly because I was sick.

And then he proposed, and then we started planning right away because of the relatively short engagement, and the usual craziness at Work.  And if we learned only one lesson from Year 1, it was how to plan for Christmas.  It was very smoothly this time around.

And now I sit here, hoping for a calmer 2012.  Probably not going to get it within the first 6 months, but one can only hope…

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