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We got to enjoy our Sunday with friends and German board games.  Here is a side shot of “Power Grid”, one of our  favourites.

As a side note, our hostess with the mostest made the greatest Texan chili.  Yum!

#26 – February 26:

Power up!

Power up!


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Project 365 or 366 – #25

We made a trip to Ikea for some stuff like iron boards and the like.  It never ceases to amaze me how huge those places are.  Surprisingly, I didn’t see an Ikea while in Stockholm…

#25 – February 25:

Ikea aisles

Ikea aisles

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Project 365 or 366 – #24

Ice cream was demanded as a post-birthday dinner dessert, so we drove to Stone Cold Creamery.

#24 – February 24:

"I demand ice cream!"

"I demand ice cream!"

I went with the “All Lovin’ No Oven” myself.

I have to admit, though, I was pretty excited the first time I saw a Cold Stone.  It was a few years ago when I went to San Francisco.  They must have thought that I was crazy, because I whipped out my camera and started snapping pictures.

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So after moving into our home just over a year and a half ago, the Dude and I have steadily settled in and started some renovations.  Nothing big, as our place is fairly new, but we wanted to freshen up the place by painting, re-doing our bathrooms, etc.  So far, we’ve re-painted two rooms, renovated 1 bathroom, and re-did our closet.  By re-did, I mean gut out the existing fixtures and put in new ones to suit our needs.  But the details of that will come in a later post.

I’m excited to say though, that we are just over 2 months out from our wedding, and what’s a better way to spend our time leading up to this milestone, than to start work on our bedroom!  Seriously though, we are planning to start this in the next couple of days.

:sigh:  Nothing like sleeping on the floor while your bedroom is being re-sanded.

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The last leg of our Scandinavia trip was to Helsinki, Finland, via ferry.

The ferry to Helsinki

I have to say, the views as we were leaving the docks of Stockholm were beautiful:

Scene from the ferry

The first thing I have to say, is that the hotel that we stayed at was my favourite hotel EVER to stay in.  Partly because of the location and Scandinavian style, but mostly because of the crazy glass walls of the bathroom.  GLASS WALLS.  That people can see through.  There was a curtain on the inside that the user could pull for privacy, but how crazy is that?!  Oh, those crazy Finns.  I highly recommend Hotel Glo.

Helsinki was very nice.  We got to sit out on patios quite a number of times, and just people watch.  The strange thing that I found though, is that we heard English spoken quite a bit there.  When I was in Copenhagen and then Stockholm, English was rarely heard, but it seemed to dominate here.


We spent quite a bit of time on this trip observing Scandinavian design.  The Dude had developed quite the interest in it before we left, so it was nice to recognize a lot of the pieces that we saw in furniture stores and such.

While we were there, we saw a gathering of classic and some not so classic cars in the marketplace.  Showing off you cars is indeed an international pasttime:

A sea of cars



We also walked a lot while we were there.  Much more than we had so far.  In hindsight, it would have been easier and possibly more pleasant to have rented bikes to ride, but now we know for next time.  One of the places that we walked to was the Olympic Stadium.  (Helsinki hosted the 1952 Summer Olympics).  It was surprisingly not that large.  We saw the dorms, and some of the fields, but it really didn’t take up too much area.  Granted, they probably shared the hosting duties with surrounding areas, as opposed to trying to centralize everything.

Olympic Park


Like Stockholm, Helsinki is also a port town, and what better to do once again, than to take a boat tour.  It didn’t feel quite as built up as Stockholm, but was very nice, none the less.

Sea View

All in all, it was a super trip.  Yes, it is relatively expensive, as Europe can be, but totally worth it to travel to and see.

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Project 365 or 366 – #23

While out for my weekly walk with a friend, I was able to resist these beauties at Sweet Flour.

#23 – February 23

Cupcake cookies

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Project 365 or 366 – #22

Can you tell that we have a sweet tooth?

#22 – February 22


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Project 365 or 366 – #21

We are barely passed Valentine’s Day, and the shops are already onto Easter.  Dudes!  Easter is in APRIL for goodness sake!  Let the Easter Bunny rest!

#21 – February 21:

Easter is about 6 weeks early...

Easter is about 6 weeks early...

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Project 365 or 366 – #20

Finally!  A nice day.  So what do we decide to do?  Get our cars washed, of course!

Bluey was nice and clean…until it rained/snowed the next day.  Oh well.  It was good while it lasted.

#20 – February 20:

Clean car!

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Ah, Facebook.  It never really lets you forget your past, you know?  Especially if you have the habit of “friending” people you may not have spoken to in over a decade, but say, went to school with.

Someone recently put up a picture of our Grade 8 Graduation.  Yeeeeeesh.  Talk about a real eye opener.  Luckily, at the time of this post, I have still not been tagged.  But looking at that picture, it reminded me that even though I think about those years from time to time, how I remember us looking, may not be how we actually were.  For the most part, I enjoyed elementary school.  It taught me many things, not just the stuff in textbooks, but how people are, how I ought to be, and admittedly, how I shouldn’t be.

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So part of our wedding planning involves trying to find the right kind of cupcakes.  I know!  It’s hard work…going around eating cupcakes.

Here’s the latest batch from Dlish on Queen West.  Not bad…not bad at all.

#19 – February 19:



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Project 365 or 366 – #18

We started out the long weekend with a game night at a friends’.  We learned how to play Truco, an Argentinian card game, learned a little Spanish in the process, and played with She-gor, the resident cat.  All in all, a very fun night.

#18 – February 18:

She-gor cat


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#17 – February 17

Roses from V-Day:



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#16 – February 16:

An unexpected Valentine:



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Project 365 or 366 – #15

Dinner with friends at a Japanese noodle restaurant!

#15 – February 15:


King of kings

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Project 365 – 366 – #14

A Valentine’s Day coffee date with the Dude:

#14 – February 14:

Coffee and carrot cake!

Coffee and carrot cake!

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Socially connected that is, in the more old-fashioned way: face-to-face.

We all know that relationships are a lot of work.  There are slews of books available on how to respect your partner, or ways to communicate, but what I don’t often see, is how to maintain your friendships.  Or why you SHOULD maintain friendships.

I think putting together the guestlist for our wedding really made me think about the people in our lives.  Friends that I’ve known since we were kids, all the way up to the friends that were made post-university, an often difficult time to make connections.

It’s made me think about how our friendships have evolved, and more importantly, how we’ve managed to stay in each other’s lives, even it only means meeting up only once or twice a year for some.

We all know that life can sometimes get in the way, like relationships, and children, and jobs, and lose sight of those that battled high school or uni with us.  But that’s precisely the point, that maintaining friendships with those who were with us during the good times and the rough, can serve to remind us of the things that we’ve been through, and allow us to face things that are to come.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, take the time to see and hang out with your friends and to stay in touch, because at the end of the day, it is much more satisfying to share your highs with people, and a lot less stressful when they are with you for the lows.

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Project 365 or 366 – #13

Cute little pigs!

#13 – February 13:



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The scene that greeted me on an early Sunday morning:

#12  – February 12:

Those flecks are falling/blowing snow!



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Project 365 or 366 – #11

Mmmm…Saturday morning breakfast…with a side of chorizo!

#11 (February 11):

Easy Breakfast


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