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Well, 2013 closed out with a bang.  And not necessarily the good kind either.  I suppose since we had a fairly undramatic year, Mother Nature decided to step in and make a statement.

Like a lot of people in Toronto, we lost power on the 22nd of December due to the ice storm.  It was mighty cold.  We were out for about 48-hours, and as much as I was complaining about it (we also lost power over the summer for 48-hours), in hindsight, we were fortunate that it was relatively short.  It looked like there were a whole lot of people who lost it straight through until days after Christmas.

I was mentally getting ready to bail and drop Lily the Cat off with my parents and check into a hotel when it came back on.  We were able to stay warm for the most part, but you know there’s an issue when the cat decides to sleep under the covers too.  And she wears a permanent fur coat!

Ice storm dramas aside, we had a nice Christmas with the families.  This year, we had Christmas Eve with my side of the fam, and Christmas day with the Dude’s.  It was quite surreal to be driving through Toronto to see everything encased in a thick layer of ice.  While we were going up the Don Valley Parkway, I said to the Dude that it looked like Narnia =)

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