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Subject?: food

I came across this food blog through another site (don’t you love interweb rabbit holes?) and immediately read several pages of blog posts.  The blogger, Tim, not only shares great recipes, but also gives the reader a good sense about life in the Midwest.


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But whyyyy, Mac?  I can hear you asking.  You’ve delivered the kid already!

Because I’m paranoid, that’s why.  Even though I still eat chocolate, I decided to cut out teas and coffee when I started breastfeeding ( for the record, I BF and formula feed too).  LB is on a daily schedule, and I was afraid that the added caffeine would ruin the little semblance of normality I had cobbled together.  Nothing frightens me more than hourly wake ups at night.

But I miss that bitter, bitter taste of the brown stuff.    I miss espresso ice cream.  I miss those java chip fraps at Starbucks.  I’ve gotten so desperate that whenever the Dude has a coffee, I grab it to take a whiff.  Oh, the aroma!

I can already envision that first taste.  My first meal at the hospital after having LB was sushi.  It was so good after 9+ months of refraining.  So gooooood!

If all goes well, I should be able to have my first cup in about 6 months.  In the mean time, have one for me!

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Heading home

Although I live in Toronto now, I actually grew in a city about 40 minutes from here called Hamilton.

I still have friends there, but it seems that I rarely go back there anymore.  Funny, isn’t it?  Considering it really isn’t that far away.

I went back this past Saturday for a wedding, and as I was nearing our destination, I got a feeling more and more like I was going home.  It was really strange.  I moved away from there about 9 years ago, but it still felt so familiar.  I suppose part of it too, was that I knew that I would be seeing friends from high school, and that always makes me feel like I’m 16 again.

Does anyone else feel that way, I wonder?

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Time to see the Vet

Even though Lily is an indoor cat, we still take her to get vaccinated against rabies in case she runs out the door one day.  The first 2 times we took her to see the vet, she was great.  Walked right into the crate.  She didn’t like the ride over, but there was no fight into the carrier.

I booked her in for last Saturday at 10 am, and when I still hear the Dude downstairs at 10:05, I figured something was up.  And lo and behold, Lily was not cooperating.  She was sniffing around the crate, and even let the Dude pick her up, but would splay out her paws when he  tried to put her in.

Alas, he had to re-schedule.  This made him very upset.  More upset at her than I’ve ever seen.   But gradually, he came to forgive her.  After all, who could resist this face for long?




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It’s been a long road…

Nothing makes time stop like having a kid.  The Dude and I welcomed our baby girl, we’ll call her LB, back in February, and it has been a roller coaster ride ever since.

Perhaps some day I will blog about the whole experience in that first month, but today is not that day.

Since I am currently on mat leave (a whole year here in Canada), I’m going to try to get my butt in gear again, and revive this blog.  I’ve been wanting to write an update for a while, but have been distracted (I wonder why?), but have finally decided to write from the iPad.  So my apologies upfront while I get used to posting from here, and trying to figure out how to get my pictures up.

The Dude recently got me to start using Dropbox, so cross your fingers that I don’t mess this up too much…

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