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We had to take LB to SickKids yesterday for some appointments, and after her ultrasound, she decided to have an epic poop, right up her back.  Eeeeew.  The nurse was kind enough to give us a bag to hold her dirty shirt, but the only bags she had available were biohazard bags.  So I had to take a picture because it seemed oddly fitting for the occasion:




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No CNE for Me

After a number of years away from the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), I started going again a few years ago just for the food.  Since I’ve been trying to stay away from wonky foods because I’m breastfeeding, I’ve been trying to live vicariously through others through posts and pictures.

Here are the top 3 things I would try if I were going this year.

1.  The s’mores bao.  Come on.  This looks totally awesome!  Who wouldn’t want a soft warm bao with a s’mores centre?

2. Liquid nitrogen gelato.  I have a kid now, can I get this in IV form so I can keep up with her?  Update:  I just read this is gelato made using the flash freeze process of liquid nitrogen.  Eh.  I’d try it anyway 🙂

3. Peanut butter sriracha rolls.  Okay, this one sounds dodgy, but such an unlikely pairing that I’d give it a go.

If you went/are going this year, what did you have?



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Bhutan: A friend of mine went to Bhutan a few years ago, and just hearing her talk about it made me want to go.  The treks through the mountains sounds amazing, and I like that it is not a typical destination.  If I recall correctly, all tourists must be escorted by a local, so it’s like you get a guided tour.  Would love to hike the Himalayas.

New Zealand: Land of The Lord of the Rings, and Flight of the Conchords.  Need I say more?

Petra, Jordan:  I find it fascinating that people were able to cut such intricate buildings and abodes into rock.  I imagine that it would be quite humbling to be in the the presence of such craftsmanship.  And also the see the brilliance of their water system.

Belgium:  I realize that this is a pretty obscure choice.  But there are two points of interest that make me want to go there: the Atomium, and the Musical Instrument Museum.  Those, and the fact that it looks like a wonderful place to sit at a cafe and people watch.

Legoland, Billund, Denmark:  Let me start by saying that I have been to Copenhagen, so this choice would not be my first visit to that charming country.  But dudes, I LOVE Lego.  So you know that as soon as LB is old enough to know not to swallow any pieces, she’ll be introduced to the blocks.  Then, of course, we’ll have to take her to Legoland, because it would be education…right?   Right?

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about new places I want to see.  Obviously it won’t happen until LB is older, but it never hurts to be prepared, right?

So in no particular order:

Iceland:  Just because it seems so neat.  Reykjavik looks like a wonderful city to explore.  I imagine that it feels like its other Nordic neighbours.  Also, the geysers and geothermal lakes, and hot springs.  Count me in!

Norway:  When we went to Scandinavia a few years ago (here and here), part of the plan was to go to Norway as well.  Unfortunately, due to some issues with the trains heading across Norway to the fjords, we decided to postpone that part of the trip.  It’s still on the list though, as I hear the fjords are quite majestic.

Seattle, Washington, USA:  This is a new one for me.  I never had any desire to go to Seattle until some  friends and family went there and raved about it.  I’d love to go whale watching, canoeing, but also go to Pike Place Market, the site of the original Starbucks.

Machu Pichu, Peru:  This location has been on my list for a long time.  I’ve seen so many pictures of this beautiful site, I can’t wait to go see it for myself.

Tashirojima, Japan: AKA cat island.  Cat lovers rejoice!  I lost 30 minutes yesterday when I googled tashirojima island and looked at the images.  Who doesn’t want to stay in a cabin painted like a cat?? Amiright?!?




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