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Pipe Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that you knew you were never going to fulfill?  I have.  Mine is to be a concert pianist.  Random, right?  I played for over a decade into my teams, and even have my Grade 9 through the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music).  We got an electric piano last year (don’t judge me!  We don’t have space for a real one!), and as much as it was exciting to be able to play again, it was also disappointing to be smacked in the face by the reality that you lose a LOT of your dexterity and technique when you don’t practice consistently.

Now I know that there are probably those of you that say that I could still get back up to speed and perform on a smaller scale, but here’s where I’m going to be completely honest with you:  I have always lacked the discipline to practice.  Practice is boring.  It really is.  But I’ve met people that can power through it and actually spend meaningful hours at it.  I wonder if now that I’m older, that that would have changed.  I’d like to get my Grade 10 (the last ‘grade’ before the teaching qualifier, the ARCT), but it’s tough, and would be very time consuming.  I think that if I set that goal though, it would at least give me a target to aim for.

Oh, and my second problem with that dream?  I’ve got stage fright.  Yeah, so that’s a big hindrance.

Another perhaps more doable dream?  I’d like to own my own pub one day.  A small neighbourhood sports pub.  I don’t really know why, except that I miss the pace of working in a restaurant.  If the Dude and I can retire around 50 years old (future article of aiming for financial independence) and LB is set for university, then I’m going to seriously look into making it happen.

Why not?  It’s good to dream big, right?



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Part of the problem with being home with a baby is that even though you have a lot of mental time to think about the things you want to do, you don’t actually have the physical time to do them.  Even my blogging is a jumble lately!  I think I have about 3-4 posts started, and every time I get a chance to log in and write, I think about something else I want to blog about, and start a new post, without finishing the last one.  Case in point, I added to and started a new post prior to this one, and have only one completed.  :sigh:

The list is already as long as my arm.  From scrapbooking projects, to picking photos to hang on our walls, to trying to re-org the kitchen, the list never ends.  The Dude always tells me that I should write these things down, and because it will feel like an accomplishment when I get to check something off.  The problem is, I start lists, but I never have the discipline to update and revise them, and then they become outdated, or I feel guilty when some item has been on there forever, and I just toss it.

:sigh:  I’ll get there.

Sorry for the ramble.  My mind has been everywhere lately.

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End of the Summer

Although from the weather that we’ve been having you wouldn’t know it.

The Dude and I closed out the summer with an Arcade Fire at the Molson Amphitheater.  This is probably the 4th or 5th time we’ve seen them, and they never disappoint.

I was puzzled with all the people dressed up, (apparently, AF had asked everyone to do so…whoops!), but the best was this couple dressed as a nun and a priest, with Guy Fawkes masks (the ones from V for Vendetta).  They were an older couple, so it was entirely plausible that they were a nun and a priest, if not for the masks.

The band looked like they were really enjoying themselves, which is always great.

And to close off the night, there happened to be fireworks going on at the CNE, so that was a bonus. 🙂

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