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We got our first snow fall of the year this past Saturday, and it was glorious:




I love snow.  I know, I know.  We don’t get nearly as much as a lot of people, but I’ll take what I can get.  It was also the perfect excuse not to venture outside (I don’t want to risk falling at this point), and to stay in, watch movies, and knit.

This is what I made:


1 Up!

1 Up!


Neat, eh?  It’s from Super Mario Bros, for those of you unfamiliar with it.  I learned to do it using double knitting, and it should function nicely as pot holders.  I’m making a pair like this for a friend, and then another pair for me.  Turned out better than I thought it would =)

For those of you interested in the pattern, it can be found at Ravelry.com.  Just look up 1 Up mushroom.



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I started learning something new today:  learning to drive a manual car.  I’ve always thought of driving stick shift was one of those nice to have skills…like sewing.  But I never really considered learning because 1. I don’t have any intention of ever buying a manual shift car, and 2.  No one in my family buys anything but automatic anyways.  Well, the Dude changed all that.  And as much as I never intend to buy anything but automatic, he will never buy anything but standard.  Crap.  And yes, I would never really need to drive his car anyway, so why learn?  But I’ve been thinking, at some point, I may need to know how…like what if my car breaks down and I need to borrow his?

Yes, I’ve pretty much put this off for over 3 years (yes, I’ve been saying I should learn for that long), but the time has come for him to replace his car, and what better time to learn than on an older, not-as-nice car?  I’m sure he’d cringe a lot more if I was learning to drive on his new one.

To me, it’s not very easy.  It just seems like a lot of things you have to remember.  Have the clutch down when you start the car, feather the throttle as you release the clutch, release the gas and press the clutch when you upshift…:sigh:…I hope this becomes intuitive at some point.

I did learn something though, and that is that I find it extremely disconcerting when starting on a slight incline.  It totally freaks me out that the car rolls backward as you are trying to find that grab spot to propel the car forward.  Yikes! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO AT A LIGHT WITH A TAILGATER!?!?

Yes, I know I’m being overly dramatic with that last point, but it is a genuine concern.  I know that most of the world drives stick, so I should have the capacity to learn and excel at it.  And hopefully, I get confident enough that that stops being so freaky.  Will keep you all posted.

Stick shift.  Pic courtesy of fanpop!

Stick shift. Pic courtesy of fanpop!

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